The Caribbean.

Colorful oceans with 700 different species of fish and 70 different varieties of vibrant coral, with blazing sunsets above them. trade breezes that gently blow over mountain summits and into dense jungles. magnificently towering out of the beautiful, sandy beaches are palm trees.

These are the pictures that come to mind when people think of the more than 700 islets, reefs, cays, and over 30 islands that make up the Caribbean. Nevertheless, look beyond what you see and delve into how you feel to obtain a real sense of the area.

Pay attention to the hammering boots and steel drums as they reverberate throughout the night. Enjoy the pleasures of fusion cuisine, which combines African, Hispanic, Asian, East Indian, and European cuisines to create a distinct flavor profile.

Travel to a time and place that are far away with colonial architecture on charming estates or resorts that provide the pinnacle of contemporary luxury. Caribbean is where we are.

Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, Grenada, the US Virgin Islands, and Curacao are just a few of the Caribbean islands.

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