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Beautiful resorts situated on expansive beachfront with fine sand. In these charming coastal villages, where ancient customs still exist, tortillas are still made by a hand, chocolate is still served spiced, and Mayan and Nahuatl flow like the rivers children play a football on the same streets that the greatest European conquistadors and Aztec, Incan, and Mayan soldiers formerly traveled through the country’s jungle.
The Caribbean is a vast region in the western hemisphere, including numerous countries and territories. The culture and history of the Caribbean are rich and diverse, reflecting the influences of various European colonizers such as Spain, France, Britain, the Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as the indigenous people of the region and African slaves who were brought over during the transatlantic slave trade. The Caribbean is a paradise for warm-weather travelers thanks to its idyllic beaches, daring legends, and sapphire waters. Choose from various magnificent all-inclusive resorts and acquaint yourself with the varied cultures and scenic landscapes.

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